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To be the voice for nurses and work for a healthier Kentucky

Advocating for, engaging with and advancing the professional practice of nursing through;
  • Leadership Development
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Education
  • Research
  • Membership Growth
  • Health Policy
Through our actions, Nurses will promote quality health care, strengthen health awareness and direct health promotion leading to improved health outcomes.

Core Values
Our core values include:
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • High Ethical Standards
  • Life Long Learning
  • Accountability
  • Stewardship

History of the Kentucky Nurses Association

The Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA) established in 1906, is the only full-service professional organization for the state's entire nurse population. In addition to its role to promote the essential role of the registered nurse in health care delivery, the Association serves as an advocate for quality patient care in all settings. From the halls of Frankfort and state agencies to boardrooms, hospitals and other health care facilities, KNA is the strong voice for the nursing profession in Kentucky.

KNA is a constituent member of the American Nurses Association, which is the spokesperson for the nations 2.2 million registered nurses through its 54 constituent state and territorial associations. As the leader in the legislative arena and with the media on nursing issues, KNA serves as the official spokesperson for nursing.

Through KNA's political and legislative program, the Association has taken firm positions on everything from HIV/AIDS policy, a patient's right to self-determination, creation of the Patient Safety Act with you having whistleblower protection when you report an unsafe condition, to access to health care and adequate reimbursement for health care services. KNA's lobbying efforts are contributing to a cost-effective and accessible health care system on the state level. In addition, members also join N-STAT (Nurses Strategic Action Team) in order to be informed and actively participate in influencing federal legislation. We have legislative alerts via phone and email. We also have KYN-PAC which is actively functioning.

Dedicated to ensuring that an adequate supply of highly skilled nurses is available, KNA is committed to meeting the needs of health care consumers as well as nurses. KNA and its chapters work at local and state levels, on issues such as the quality and safety of patient care, working conditions, adequate reimbursement for nursing service, health and safety of nurses as employees and many more.

KNA continues to expand the scientific and research base for nursing practice in order to seek new ways in which nursing services can be delivered and respond to current and future demands for cost-effective, quality health care. Nursing research is promoted through the official publication of the KNA, The Kentucky Nurse.

The Kentucky Nurses Foundation is changing their direction and will be funding community based service projects and nurse directed patient outcome studies.

Membership in the Association offers the opportunity to affiliate with practice councils that are organized into specialized areas of practice.

Members of the state nurses association benefit from discount liability, health, dental and group insurance programs, a discount credit card program, subscriptions to the American Nurse Today, Kentucky Nurse, The American Nurse and access to other mailings. Membership provides discount registration to professional conferences, conventions and certification, as well as a variety of other programs and services offered at the state and national level.