School Nurses in Every Kentucky School Chapter of KNA

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The Kentucky School Nurse Chapter focus is placing a school nurse in every Kentucky Public School. Kentucky ranks in the bottom ten states in the nation for multiple health indicators in children, such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, poor physical, mental and oral health, and substance abuse; KY has one of the highest rates of children with special healthcare needs. More that 2 in very 5 KY children live in a high-poverty area.  Data supports that when school nurses are present, student absenteeism rates improve, higher standardized test scores are achieved, use of local emergency department services reduces, transmission of infectious diseases decreases, students learn to improve and manage their chronic childhood conditions (like asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, seizures)  and have higher high school graduation rates.  Our slogan is “every school needs a nurse” and the 2018 goal is to pass legislation placing a school nurse in every public school.  A unique feature of our chapter is that we also have non-nurse individuals on our distribution list, including representatives from Kentucky Youth Advocates, administrators of health departments, social workers, teachers and parents; we hope to include many more disciplines and stakeholders in the future to help in this statewide effort.  

Contact Person:

Eva Stone
Co- President