Becoming a Registered Nurse [RN]

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The nursing profession is one of the most diverse professions in healthcare, or in any other industry. There are many types of nursing practice and a long list of specialties and practice areas in nursing. In addition, Registered Nurses have an educational range that begins at an Associate Degree (two year degree) and continues all the way to a PhD and other advanced degrees and advanced practice licenses.

The countless opportunities available to RNs continue to grow and expand as changes occur in healthcare and advances in research and practice improve our ability to deliver higher levels of patient care.

For more information about how to become a nurse, as well as the various possibilities you might consider as you contemplate pursuing a nursing career, please visit:

Discover Nursing
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National League for Nursing
Nursing Careers

For additional information about becoming a nurse in Kentucky, as well as information about schools of nursing, financial aid and more, visit the Kentucky Board of Nursing at:

Kentucky Board of Nursing