Kentucky Nurses Foundation Research Grants

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We are not accepting research grant applications at this time.

Program Description

The purpose of the Kentucky Nurses Foundation Nursing Research Grants Program is to encourage nursing students and registered nurses to conduct research that advances the practice of nursing. To effectively achieve this goal the program supports research of beginning and experienced nurse researchers.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Nursing students who are enrolled in a nursing program in the state of Kentucky. The nursing program may lead to any one of the following degrees: associate degree in nursing, or baccalaureate degree in nursing.

2. Registered Nurses who are licensed to practice in the state of Kentucky. These nurses may be students in masters in nursing degree programs or doctoral degree programs in nursing or related fields; nurse researchers, nurse faculty, or nurses in any field of nursing practice or setting.

Application Requirements

1. The application deadline is May 30th of each year. Applications must be postmarked on or before that date.

2. Applicants may submit one proposal per year.

3. Applicants should read all materials carefully and follow the format provided in this packet. All sections of the application format must be completed in order for the grant proposal to be eligible for review.

4. Submit only three (3) copies ( one original and two photocopies) of the grant application. Applications should be photocopied one-sided. Do not bind, staple or fold the application. Secure them with paper or binder clips.

5. One of the three copies of the grant application must contain original signatures (not photocopied) on the title page.

6. Send all applications and correspondence to:

Kentucky Nurses Foundation
305 Townepark Circle, Ste 100
Louisville, KY 40202-2616

Review Criteria

Proposals are judged on scientific merit with critique based on the following criteria:

Significance (Is the study important to nursing practice and to the development of nursing knowledge?)

Approach (Do study design, sample, instruments, procedures and data analysis allow aims to be met?)

Investigator (Is the study within the applicant’s ability?)

Attention to Human Subjects Protections or Other protections (Does the study respect and protect participants, their confidentiality in selection and conduct of the study? Does it have IRB approval?)

Justified budget (Are purchases explained, including the need for particular materials, software and equipment?)

Review Process

The Research Review Committee is composed of doctorally prepared nurse researchers from a wide range of specialty areas using a variety of methodologies. The Committee will review applications in June and July. Final approval of the Committee’s funding recommendations will be made by the KNF Board of Directors. After actions by the Board, all applicants will be notified of the disposition of their application by August 15th of each year.

Applications are treated as privileged communication and are restricted to the Research Review Committee and the KNF Board of Directors.


1. A letter of notification will be mailed out by August 15th to all applicants whether awarded a grant or not. The funding period is from September 1 to August 31 of the year in which the grant funding was awarded.

2. Those receiving an award for a research proposal will receive a check from the KNF for the awarded monetary amount determined by the Research Review Committee.

3. Each year’s funding amount will be determined by the KNF Board and the available resources. In the event no monetary resources are available in a given year for awards, applicants will be promptly notified by the KNF Board. Each January 1st, the amount available for awards will be posted on the KNF website.

Project Expenses

1. KNF will not consider requests or assume responsibility for any costs incurred prior to the award date.

2. Expenses must be incurred within the one-year grant period.

3. Prohibited expenses include: permanent salaries, tuition, textbooks, consultant fees, purchase of personal computers.

Final Reports

1. A Final report is due within the year of funding and no later then August 1st of the funded year. This report must include a narrative report of the research study. The written format for a research study can be found in numerous nursing research textbooks. The report should be no longer than 5 pages. Accompanying this narrative report should be an Abstract of the study approximately 250 words in length. Along with the narrative and abstract, the awardee must sign a form stating that their name and the abstract can be published in the Kentucky Nurse.

2. During KNA Convention years (even years) awardees will be required to participate in the Research poster session. In odd years awardees will be required to participate in a poster session at the KNA Educational Summit.