KNA and ANA Member Benefits

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Membership in the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) is one of the best professional investments that a nurse can make. Your membership includes many benefits at the state and national level.

KNA/ANA Member Benefits

Professional Development

Benefits at the state-level include:

  • Access to full time staff for assistance with day-to-day problems and employee issues affecting RN's.
  • Full time lobbying representation in Washington, D.C. as well as Frankfort, KY, to make sure nursing has a voice in legislative activities.
  • Liaison representation to state agencies, health care organization and the media.
  • Eligibility for nomination to state boards, commissions and agencies for KNA members
  • Discounts for KNA Convention, Summit and all other programs offered by KNA on nursing practice, leadership, legislative activities and other important issues.
  • Opportunities to participate in political and campaign activities through KYN-PAC and KNA’s Government Affairs Cabinet.
  • Networking opportunities in many areas: practice, legislation, academics, research, etc.
  • Access to KNA’s members-only section of the KNA website and all services and access contained there.

Benefits at the national level include:

Career Center

Finding the right job in nursing has never been easier…search for the position that best matches your talent and needs, post your résumé and apply!

ANA Nurse CE
Members have access to over 35 free CE modules plus many more at a discount.

ANA Nurse Space
ANA’s member social network lets you discuss issues, build professional relationships and share ideas with other members.

ANCC Certification
KNA and ANA members save $85 on the initial exam and $95 on recertification.

Learn more about upcoming webinars and conferences that advance your knowledge and your patient care! Members receive special registration rates.

ANA Periodicals
ANA provides you with periodicals providing comprehensive information and peer-reviewed articles about the nursing profession and important health care issues of the day.

Factsheets and Resources
ANA offers many fact sheets, tip cards and toolkits to help guide you in your work with patients and colleagues.

Navigate Nursing
ANA’s Navigate Nursing provides webinars and other valuable resources dedicated to helping nurses at all levels become stronger nurse leaders.
ANA publishes over 90 books to keep you up-to-date on nursing practice. Members receive at least a 20% discount off the list price of most titles.

Professional Tools
Members receive free access to a variety of tools to help you provide quality patient care.

Sign up for ANA eNewsletters
Sign up for ANA's newsletters to get the latest nursing related news and events.

For more information, go to and click on “Member Benefits”


ANA, strengthening nursing’s voice at the national level

  • Federal lobbying on issues important to nursing and health care - issues such as safe staffing, nursing workforce development, scope of practice and access to care
  • Representing nursing where it matters, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and many others, right up to the White House
  • Speaking for nursing through the media including stories in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, 60 Minutes , NBC Nightly News, CNN, and NPR to name a few
  • Speaking for U.S nurses as the only U.S.A member of the International Council of Nurses and attending meetings of the World Health Organization.

KNA monitors the issues at the state-level

  • Protecting and safeguarding your Nursing Practice Act – one of the most important roles of our State Nurses Associations
  • Advocating at the state level
Influence Decisions by participating in your ANA and State advocacy efforts
  • Join one of the many committees and boards at the national, state and local level that are shaping the direction of the association and the profession.
  • Participate in member surveys that let you influence the association's agenda.
  • Take part in grass roots advocacy efforts that let our elected officials hear your commitment on issues important to nursing.

You are the Future of Nursing KNA and ANA are at the Forefront of Helping You Succeed

Other KNA Benefits

Economic Programs

Visa Platinum Rewards Card administered by UMB CardPartner. Personalize your new KNA Card. Choose your official KNA Visa Card at

  • Points for Purchases
  • Bonus Points at Selected Merchants
  • Points for Balance Transfers
  • Points for Billed Interest
  • Redeem for Cash, Travel, Merchandise and More
  • Personalized Custom Cards

Insurance Programs

Professional and Supplemental Liability at low group rates. Call 1-800-338-2413 for more information

Banking Services

The Kentucky Nurses Association has partnered with Fifth Third Bank, one of the largest banks in the region, to offer special benefit banking. Fifth Third will extend Employee Benefit Banking to all of the members of the Kentucky Nurses Association.

What will you get?
Checking Account: No monthly service fee, unlimited check writing, no minimum balance, and your first set of checks are free.

Traveler’s Checks: Free

Notary Services: Free

Jeanie Transactions: Free at Fifth Third Jeanie ATM’s and Jeanie point of sale terminals.

Fifth Third also offers free online banking for all of its members. To participate visit any Fifth Third Banking Center. If you already have a Fifth Third checking account feel free to call your banking center and have them upgrade your account to Employee Benefit Banking. This program is designed especially for you. If you are interested in participating please visit any Fifth Third banking center.