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What is KYN-PAC?

Kentucky Nurses Political Action Council (KYN-PAC) is the political action committee of the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA). KYN-PAC is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated group of nurses and others who believe that nurses must become involved in politics in order to impact the direction of health care legislation.


  • Promotes nurse involvement in politics
  • Surveys, interviews and endorses state and local candidates who demonstrate commitment to support the positions of KNA on health care
  • Provides funds and other campaign support to endorsed candidates

Why is KYN-PAC Necessary?

So much of health policy and nursing practice is defined by legislation and regulation and the elected officials who pass laws and regs must be educated and informed about nursing issues and positions. In addition, in order for the voice of nurses to be heard, it is important for nurses to have an impact on the election of candidates. KYN-PAC provides a vehicle to inform and support candidates with a unified nursing voice.

How Does KYN-PAC Relate to KNA?

Legally, KNA cannot become involved in electoral politics, and KNA dues cannot be used for campaigns or to endorse candidates because the KNA is a lobbying organization.

KYN-PAC is not involved in lobbying efforts and, therefore, can work to get candidates elected who will support the view of nurses on health care. This compliments KNA’s legislative objectives and supports KNA lobbying efforts.

What Are the Goals of KYN-PAC?

  1. To support the election of nurse-supportive candidates to state and local offices across Kentucky.
  2. To educate nurses and others to be aware of government, the important political issues, and the voting records of office holders and positions of candidates for office.
  3. To assist nurses and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action.
  4. To work with ANA-PAC (ANA’s political action committee) and other appropriate organizations or groups when deemed necessary for the attainment of political objectives.
  5. To help nurses gain political skills and work toward the development of nurse as a political force.

What Issues Does KYN-PAC Consider in Making Endorsement of Candidates?

  1. Candidate awareness of nursing issues and patient safety issues.
  2. Candidate commitment to improving the delivery of health care as a primary issue facing Kentucky.
  3. Candidate commitment to access to care for all Kentuckians.
  4. Candidate commitment to the utilization of advanced practice nurses as primary care providers, eligible for reimbursement at all levels.